Suns and Flowers

Posted on 8.29.2014

Top - Oasap | Skirt - Oasap | Sunglasses - Oasap | Necklace - Forever 21 | Sandals - thrifted | Bag - Cotton On is hot as hell walking around campus. I can understand why everyone wears gym clothes... I may join them. This week was hectic! I joined some clubs (rock climbing and fashion) and hopefully I'll get a job at the school where all I have to do is check people into games. Also it's just a huge transition you know? Everyone here is so friendly and I'm loving it. My hometown has nothing but grumpy elders (sorry Deltona) and it has nothing to do. Nobody that I've spoken to has heard of Deltona haha. So needless to say I'm exhausted but very grateful! I have to figure out what days I'm going to be able to blog too in between clubs and school.
In these photos, I'm at my friend Megan's apartment and I also took some photos of her too. In this heat, lace is a must and I don't mind skirts and I love the print of this one :).

Update: Moving In!

Posted on 8.26.2014

| Dress - Forever 21 | Green Flats - Target | Sunglasses - Oasap |
| Top - Oasap | Shorts - diy, Goodwill | Bag - Cotton On |
Woww what a week! So recently I moved to Tallahassee for school (FSU!) First of all our apartment complex took forever to get cable and internet installed and then my roommates room was flooded. It was a mess....but they knew my name by the end of the week sighhh. Anywhoo it's been fun so far and the bus is my new best friend. I'll be posting an outfit tomorrow and hopefully I'll find some new places to shoot this weekend!

Cherish Every Moment

Posted on 8.07.2014

Pisces necklace - eBay |  rust top - H&M | grahic shorts -  Oasap | green crossbody - Goodwill | braided sandals - Kohl's | earrings - Target (old)
Yesss, I'm starting to feel the pull of blogging! I no longer feel required to remember and it's like I'm truly myself again. Change is such a good thing <3. 
Hey everyone! I'm so excited to share these photos with you. I took them yesterday in the back of Alex's house after we came back from shopping. We headed to the mall and I took note on some of the appliances and supplies I'll have to buy for the fall. Afterwardssss we relaxed in the pool and headed back out to see Godzilla. I don't know about you guys but that movie deserves a 5/10 at best. But the fighting scenes were pretty nice. *spoiler alert* Poor Bryan Cranston dies again lol. 
I think the color of this blouse blends so well with these shorts, in fact I'm starting to love all colors in this spectrum ( reds, mustard, pinks...). I'm trying to have more fun with my jewelry too so instead of putting in a single colored stud,  I wore these cute patterned babies!